To commit ourselves to work for the integral liberation of women and girl child of society. As women of substance, compassion and commitment to envision all the staff and students towards service, thus preparing them to be authentic, responsible, just, dynamic and spiritual men and women for others. To meet the challenge posed by communalism and globalization we will promote a counter culture of harmony and solidarity, based on Spirituality of Communion, as a basis for learning to live together, in and through our Institutions.

Namaskar my dear brothers and sisters.

It’s 26th January 2017 and once again our country celebrates the Nationhood and identity of our great nation. We all know that on this day our constitution came into force, hence we need to salute the sacrifice of the valiant martyrs who died for our country in the freedom movement. Today how do we understand Patriotism? The feelings among us remain but the way this feeling is expressed has undergone a great deal of transformation – it is no longer adoring the uniform of a soldier. It is now less about glorifying the nation, and more about understanding various strands of a nation and strengthening it through our efforts.

There are different ways to be patriotic in our daily lives. Do small things and they can have big results….like showing respect to different religious communities, exposing corruption, keeping the city clean, having better civic sense all are part of being a good citizen. As we bask in the glory of our nation, let us also be honest and objective as we perceive India as an economic and political paradox or cocktail of a rich – poor nation with a weak – strong state. As per the constitution, all citizens are meant to be equal and ensured certain basic fundamental human lives in a resplendent republic, where millions are outside on the pavement, looking into the glitzy halls of the celebrations in which they can rarely partake. We need to introspect, and more honestly seek to open the cellars to the vintage wine of success and a sustainable future for each one of us.

You cannot have harmony while your neighbour is facing war. You cannot have freedom while your neighbour is denied experiencing freedom.

Prayer:- Heavenly Father, you guide and lead this Republic nation and we thank you for the freedom, peace and prosperity we enjoy. Guide our steps in our march towards true freedom, true happiness, true peace and true salvation.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

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