To commit ourselves to work for the integral liberation of women and girl child of society. As women of substance, compassion and commitment to envision all the staff and students towards service, thus preparing them to be authentic, responsible, just, dynamic and spiritual men and women for others. To meet the challenge posed by communalism and globalization we will promote a counter culture of harmony and solidarity, based on Spirituality of Communion, as a basis for learning to live together, in and through our Institutions.

Jesus says "Let the little children come to me.."

God our creator has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential, strength and abilities. Prayers helps us tap and develop these powers says A.P.J Abdul Kalam, our former President.

We all remember 14thNovember as Chacha Nehru's Birthday which is dedicated to children.. and so here I am to wish you a very Happy Children's Day. Today is your day so enjoy and have great fun. We all are happy to see you happy. May that spark of happiness in your eyes remain always. This is your special day and we want to make it very special for you.

My dear children God has blessed you with gifts and talents. Here you have the opportunity to explore these gifts with the help of your mentors. Your parents, wish to see those talents to bloom, blossom and fulfil their dreams. Remember we are always there for you with our supposrt and care. We at St. Patricks's Vidya Bhawan School belive in your all round development, so accept every correction give to you with an open mind as they are stepping stones on your path to sucess.

As a child you experience a lot of freedom and I want you to enjoy it to the full, but as you grow you learn to shoulder responsibilities towards self/career, parents family and your nation. You may face challenges. Take them without fear, anxiety, anger or resentment... be positive with a desire to succeed and you will race ahead with ease.

My dear children
Success will always be your with hard work, honesty, patience, patriotism and faith in God. Be sensiive, care for others and respect others. ou my dear children are born free and born to lead the nation... "India of my dreams." Enjoy your day.... Happy Children's Day

God bless You.

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