Etiquette - The Art of Good Manners
Language :
  • It must be cultured and refined
  • One must not talk loudly as it is considered rude.
  • Always use please, thank you, sorry, excuse me whenever necessary.
  • Do not interrupt others, wait for your turn.

Personal Behavior:
  • Respect all.
  • Greet all.
  • Always ask permission.
  • Help generously.
  • Use the right hand in giving or receiving.
  • Always have a pleasant outlook, keep smiling.
  • Do not shake legs while sitting.
  • Always keep a handkerchief.
  • Cover your mouth - while yawning, sneezing or coughing.
  • Wear clean cloths, polished shoes and comb the hair neatly.
  • Do not bite nails but trim them.
  • Lift up feet while walking.
Behavior at the table:
  • Do not talk with mouthful.
  • Always wash hands before and after taking food.
  • Use napkins.
  • Do not drop food.
  • Never waste food.
  • Do not lick fingers.
  • Use the cutlery provided.
  • Do not drag the chair to sit.
  • Eat and drink noiselessly.
Behavior in the playground:
  • Follow the rules of the game.
  • Take care of the common goods.
  • Do not litter the ground.
  • Never be rough, have a sportsman spirit.
Behavior in the Classroom:
  • Do not shout.
  • Speak politely.
  • Keep the classroom clean.
  • Sit in the correct posture.
  • Do not answer in unison.
  • Do not distrub others if you finish your work.
  • Do not waste paper by tearing from the notebooks.
  • Keep silence, when the teacher is away.
  • Do not scribble on the walls, desks or books.

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