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  • 28
  • July

Parent-teacher Meeting

Dear Parents,
The parent-teacher meeting will be held on Saturday,30 th July from 8.00 am to 10.30 am for classes I to X & XII.

  • 7
  • July

A tribute to our beloved Ma'am Zarin.

On the 7th of July, we lost our dear teacher, Zarin Mirza.

  • 22
  • Apr

Earth Day

“We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.” - Lester Brown

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Principal Message

Dear students,

Late President APJ Abdul Kalam Said, "Those who dared to imagine the impossible are the ones who break all the human limitations. Answering to the question of Class 5 Student, he said "The major strength of India is the youth, 600 million youths. Ignited minds of the youths are the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth and weakness of India is that failure, of not having vision. Very often when i ask the students what do you want to become after you have completed your class X, I get the answer, I have not thought yet or I will see my percentage and decide, so it is important that one needs to have a vision and in order to fulfil that vision one needs to work hard and work with love, sincerity and dedication. In order to achieve your dreams, you may have to face a lot of difficulties especially during these days of pandemic, as you have your online studies, there are a lot of hurdles which you have to face such as lack of device, interruption in between the classes due to network issues, the environment at home etc. But still dear children those who dare to dream, do the impossible , possible.

Sr. Meena

St. Patrick's School

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St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)

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St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)

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St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)

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St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)

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St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)


St. Patrick's School, Near railway stadium, Jodhpur - 342 001 (Raj.)

Primary Incharge Message

Dear students,

Believe that St. Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan School has a team of talented, caring, strong, intelligent, motherly and most dedicated teachers. I want to thank all my teachers for their hard work and dedication. I pray for God’s blessings on them and their families. Let me congratulate all the students for performing well and especially those who attend high grade by their hard work and zeal. As we all know that beginning of something new, is always amazing and we all feel the same. The new academic year 2022 - 23 is a next chapter of your life, means a lot of challenges, and it depends on you that how you make the strategy to overcome the challenges. I strongly feel and believe that a child is different and unique. St. Patrick’s will give you a proper shape for your growth and future. Not only the academic but also values, to be a good, loving and obedient child to the teachers, as well as to your family. Dear students please do not regret on past learn from that. We can’t start the new chapter of our life if we keep thinking of the past. Never ever compare yourself to anyone because God has made each one of us unique. We can’t be good in everything. Compete with yourself, learn from your mistakes and try to do the best next time. Success has no shortcut so be responsible, disciplined and creative. My sincere wishes that the year 2022-23 will be the brightest year of your life by God’s graces and blessings. Wish you “Good Luck and Good Health”

Sr. Anjana
(Primary Incharge)

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