Primary Activities

A tribute to our beloved Ma'am Zarin.

On the 7th of July, we lost our dear teacher, Zarin Mirza. Her sad and sudden demise came as a huge shock to both the student community as well as the staff. Ma'am Zarin, an ex-Patrician herself, had been with us in the capacity of a teacher of the primary classes, since the year 2017.

Having been born in June of 1982, she passed on at the very young age of 40 years. She is survived by her husband and two children, Fayak and Zehra. The school remained shut the day after her demise as a mark of love and respect for our dear teacher and friend. On the 9th of July, a memorial service was conducted at school, attended by the entire staff community, to celebrate a life well-lived, to honour her memory and pray for her soul. Goodbye dear, Ma'am Zarin. You will always remain in our hearts and memories as a beautiful soul, always so pure, sincere and loving. May you rest in peace.